Removing The Risk To Your Portfolio

matt-bowden-GZc4fnQsaWQ-unsplashDoes the rollercoaster stock market make you nervous? Who wants to lose a bunch of retirement dollars every so often and then have to wait for the market to recover again and again. Everyone wishes that once they earn profits and gains in the stock market that they could keep it and not see it take the see-saw ride over and over again. What if when the market goes up… you could make money? Your nest egg increases in value.. …But next time the market crashes. You do not lose one dime! How is this accomplished? The process is proven. Removing the risk to your portfolio and protecting it from drastic changes is our constant mission. With Singer Financial Group you will never again worry about market corrections and instability.

A bank is a great place for your everyday spending money. It is safe there… but the problem with the banking scenario is that they no longer pay as much interest any longer. Anywhere you leave money sitting that is earning 2% and under….. YOU are going BACKWARDS! You are fighting against three things. Inflation, Low-interest rates, and Taxes. Even the 10-year treasury is safe but no access to the funds for 10 years and currently the interest rate is a dismal 1.3 % every year for all 10 years. Our process gets your lazy money that is currently sitting in the bank to begin earning more interest with none of the usual market volatility or risks and zero fees.

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