Educational Webinar Event on the Tax-Free Green Line

money-2724241_1920As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we want to keep you educated on how we can help you protect your money during these volatile and uncertain times. That is why we invite you to join us for an Educational Webinar Event on the Tax-Free Green Line on June 17th at 6 PM

As a participant you will learn about a strategy that will:
•Protect your money from market downturns
•Earn interest when the market goes up
•Grow, can be accessed, and will pass on tax-free

Webinar Details:
Topic: The Tax-Free Green Line
Date & Time: Thursday, June 17th 6 pm Eastern

Just reply to this email or call (781) 536-4527 to RSVP

If you know someone who may also be interested in participating in this important educational webinar, please share this with them. Guests can register by emailing Lori at or calling 781-536-4527.

Thank you!

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